G. Steve Jordan has brought the same high-quality imagery to his video projects that always characterized his renown photography of the Shawangunk Mountains region. Through his video work with the Mohonk Preserve, he has now shown how video can be used to tell our story through people engaged with our mission – the story of how people have an emotional and life- affirming connection to nature and want to meaningfully support land conservation. Marcel Proust said “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, in having new eyes.” Steve Jordan’s video work has inspired the Preserve and its supporters see the importance and permanence of our work, and our beautiful land, with new eyes.

Glenn Hoagland, Executive Director, Mohonk Preserve


Steve Jordan produced a promotional video for our organization in connection with our 30th Anniversary celebrations. He is a skilled and thoughtful videographer. He spent a lot of time getting to know our work, our people and the properties we have conserved; he took hours of high quality footage; he conducted intelligent interviews with members of the board and staff and other supporters; and he knit it all together in a succinct but compelling piece that was very well received and remains of great value as an introduction to our work. He was a pleasure to work with, and I recommend him without reservation.

Peter Paden, Executive Director


I met Steve Jordan in early 2016, when he volunteered to shoot and edit a short video for the Maritime Museum, specifically the Wooden Boat School and its mission to teach kids to build boats. I was skeptical, not about the NEED for this video, but because I assumed that, because Steve was relatively new to the organization, that the process would take a lot of my time while I explained all the IMPORTANT AND MEANINGFUL shots and angles and interviews he needed to get (as if I were a film maker – quite laughable!).

I could not have been more wrong about any impact on my time, Steve immediately and masterfully took quiet control over the process, learning about our mission, getting to know the people involved, spending time on-site to get great footage of classes in progress, and cutting it all together for a beautiful final product.

The process and result of the first film was so good that we hired him for a series of additional short pieces that we are using in countless platforms and venues. During the past few months of filming each of these separate projects Steve has been thorough and respectful and has taken the time to make all his subjects comfortable, whether it was an interview or a wide shot. Steve takes time to give us a rough cut and several versions, with different lengths or endings, if that is what we need.

Not only does he grasp the story quickly himself, his story-telling has a light touch and he allows the scenes and subjects to carry the messages, without a lot of talking heads and narration. Steve has woven himself into the organization in such an organic way and in doing so, captures a natural candid footage. His approach has a wonderful result in his final product which is approachable yet quietly dramatic, letting the viewer discover the ‘answer’ rather than beating them over the head. The entire organization loved working with Steve and we are looking forward to doing many more projects together.

Lisa Cline, Executive Director



I worked with Steve as one of the subjects of his 2014 video production for Rock The Ridge, a 50-mile endurance challenge set in Mohonk Preserve. Having never before participated as an interviewee in such a project, I wasn’t sure how to prepare, or even what to expect. But from the moment I arrived for the interview, Steve and his sound production partner Peter made it easy to relax and get into the flow of things. Before I knew it, we’d recorded some terrific material, and we were done.

Speaking from the Rock The Ridge event director’s point of view, I must say that the end product was magnificent, blending interview narrative, music and images into a story that touched the emotions of everyone who watched it. The video added a level of legitimacy to our event that we simply could not have done ourselves. A truly professional job, and experience. Thank you, Steve!

Todd Jennings, Event Director, Rock The Ridge


Steve Jordan created a 5 minute video for our non-profit organization, Mohonk Consultations, which has been well received.  We host a wide variety of events each year and its difficult to describe our focus to the general public. After viewing the video, the feedback has been that folks finally understand the importance of our mission.

Steve was a pleasure to work with and he was willing to get together with various members of our board to accept our input and make some recommended changes without compromising the integrity of his vision. He is both professional & personable, with a passion and eye for the natural world.

Sandra Smiley, Board Member


Working with Steve on our short video was a pleasure. He understood our mission and was able to tell our story in an emotionally compelling way that spoke to a larger audience than we normally reach. His work combines the creativity of an artist’s vision with the craft of a highly skilled communicator. Everyone who watches it tells us it not only touched their hearts but now they truly understand why we do what we do — thank you, Steve!

Nina Smiley,  Mohonk Mountain House



Steve reached out to me in 2013 after hearing about Alternative Spring Break, an annual volunteer program I coordinate at SUNY New Paltz. He said that he was tired of the way that the news channels only focus on bad news and wanted to highlight the good things happening in our community. Steve and I met a few times prior to spring break to talk about what the program entails, how it is laid out, and which areas we might focus on. I was appreciative that he really took the time to learn about the program's purpose, design, and history before telling its story.

Taping started with interviewing past participants and me to hear our stories. The interviews were comfortable and natural- it was like sitting down with a friend and talking about something you were passionate about. Steve showed genuine interest and excitement.

During the week of spring break, Steve joined our team of 15 at all of the volunteer sites, for a total of over 40 hours. I was impressed that he took so much time to get all of the footage and really got to know the students. By the end of the week, he was truly part of our team.

The end result is a video that truly captures the Alternative Spring Break experience from beginning to end; the variety of organizations we work with, an array of settings, and the teamwork needed to get the work done. I use the finished product constantly, both to advertise the Alternative Spring Break program and student volunteerism in general. The quality of Steve's work is impeccable and the story telling draws everyone in- I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Erica Wagner, State University of New York at New Paltz



If a picture paints a thousand words, how many more are painted in a compelling video?

As land trusts work to reach new audiences, many are telling their stories in video form. And it's a smart move. Videos can create an immediate emotional connection with an audience, moving them to support your land trust and its goals.

[The] video from the accredited Mohonk Preserve in New York is an excellent example of how to do just that. It shares stories from visitors about how they feel about the land and why it is so important to preserve open spaces.

Kimberly Seese, Digital Communications Manager


The “behind the scenes” video you produced for our gala was a huge hit!

The video gave our guests a very personal explanation of why land and water resources are worth preserving. Our institutional funders also loved it and could see immediate value in their support that no midterm grant report could ever convey.

Matthew Soper 
Director of Philanthropy and Engagement


Steve...we are just awe struck by how great this looks and how well it communicates what we're doing out there – you have a real talent … thank you so much.

Capt. Neill Holland


Throughout the course of our project, Steve integrated our feedback and direction into the final product. He spent countless hours learning from our partners and wove their stories into ours. Several final vignettes were produced that provided a moving testimonial and unique perspective on our organization’s mission.

Ed Sherwood

Executive Director